Yaj offers her expertise in relational dynamics and conscious communication to clients having challenges or just wanting improvement in their business and work relationships.

Leadership Communication Coaching for managers, entrepreneurs, executives, and women in business and leadership positions has been a particularly gratifying arena for this work. The same attunement and awareness, and many of the same tools and skills that help couples and family members in relationship growth, are of great assistance to those wanting to cultivate positive work environments and work relations.

How we communicate sets a tone in our relationships everywhere, which includes at work, in organizations and in other groups beyond the home front.

Being a conscious leader involves modeling and cultivating an organization-wide positive tone in the workplace setting. This is a skill set that can be learned. You can set in motion a shift in terms of how people relate to and communicate with each other in your group.

There are reliable ways to make positive relatedness a strong foundation in a group environment. All you need is at least one person – to start with – with some authority, or at least willingness, who is capable and willing to learn.

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