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My name is Yaj. I help people with their relationships.

My main theoretical orientation is Attachment Theory.
It’s a superbly reliable lens and approach for couples and individuals with relational struggles.

I would love the opportunity to be of help to you in your situation.

Online sessions available worldwide.

If a person’s connection with significant others is not part of the coping and healing process, then, inevitably, it becomes part of the problem and even a source or re-traumatization.

– Susan Johnson


We feel our deepest joy and warmest fulfillment in moments of connection. However, our experience in relationships also involves some of the most difficult emotions we’ve ever had. There is a quiet epidemic happening behind closed doors and social masks – private suffering in relationship.

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Many couples suffer from chronic negativity and emotional distance.

The struggle is real – patterns of painful interactions lead to chronic stress and tension. Partners find themselves distant, easily triggered, and shut down to each other. They don’t know how to fix the negativity and they’ve lost hope trying.

If this resonates, please know that you are not alone. I help people who are struggling with these kinds of relationship problems.


There is a way to heal the re-wounding cycle. There are effective, evidence-backed approaches and tools that are helping couples and individuals re-connect with themselves, each other, and to have healthy, fulfilling relationships.


My services

My work focuses on the attachment relationship between two people. We address the emotions, longings and needs for connecting with another, repairing the pattern of breakdowns and disconnect that is occurring, decreasing insecurities and the cultivation a secure bond.

Discover and experience:

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Effective communication

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Successful conflict resolution

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Closeness, intimacy

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More ease with each other

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Emotional security in the relationship

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My Clients

Couples who reach out to me for assistance cover a wide range – married, domestic partners, straight, LGBTQIA+, dating – and in all stages of relationship development.

Work with individuals addresses relational struggles – partner, family, work, social – and also the creation of a clearer connection with one’s self.

“Attachment to key others is our primary protection against feelings of helplessness and meaninglessness.”

- Alexander MacFarlane, Bessel Van der Kolk


Couple and Individual Coaching

Quality Help is Available

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Couple Coaching

Private sessions with couples work offer a safe place to be heard and seen about your specific challenges and struggles, for partners to get relief from the negative interactive cycles, and for the relationship to get the caring and skilled help it needs to heal and thrive.

Experience the essential shift and learn tools to make it a lasting bond.

My couple sessions are 75 minutes online with video. 90 minute sessions available upon request.

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Individual Coaching

Private individual work is an opportunity to address relational issues and struggles with others - and with the self - in a uniquely safe and deep way.

The process of making change happens at your pace with my support for your learning and growing. We explore and address your goals around negative emotional and interactional patterns with others, issues with personal, professional and family relations, and your relationship with your self.

Make strides on your healing path and create change you’ve longed for.

My individual sessions are 60 or 75 minutes online with video.

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If you are ready to take the next step, please contact me via email and tell me a bit about your situation. You can also text me directly at the number below. We’ll schedule a time for a free telephone consultation to explore the possibility of working together.

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