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Over the years, helping couples strengthen their relationships and helping individuals create healthy shifts on their relationship path, Amy Jay has learned a great deal about commitment.

In addition, her own relationship journey has matured her consciousness to a deepened understanding of what healthy commitment really is, when to make it, when to shift it, and what it takes to maintain it with love, peace, and joy.

The HeartMind Marriage Ceremony, or HeartMind Commitment Ceremony, has elements that are custom-designed for clients, folded into Amy Jay’s signature flavor of expression and her expertise.

LGBTQ are always welcome.


With wisdom and insight, Amy Jay creates down-to-the-heart wedding and commitment ceremonies that get to the rich core of what makes lasting love nourishing to both partners.


Ceremonies are also a powerful way to commit to one's self.  Amy Jay teaches her clients that the primary relationship is with the self, and that it is crucial to nurture and dedicate one's connection and commitment to the wisdom within in order to have healthy relationships without.


There is a movement of women having self-commitment rituals - women on a true journey to the core of what healthy relationships are, who wish to ground their self-honor and in ceremony.


Amy Jay is delighted to design and facilitate such self-dedication rituals, as a graduation from her Meet Your Goddess Program for Women, or for any woman to whom this speaks and calls.  Amy will work with your vision to design a beautiful, profound and delicious self-marriage ceremony.

All ceremonies may be designed and purchased for your officiant to use, or, depending on state law, Amy Jay may be able to come personally to your event and officiate herself (travel expenses would be part of the fee).

Packages include options for pre-ceremony counseling or training sessions (phone or Skype, if not in her area) on the HeartMind Toolkit for Couples, or Meet Your Goddess Program for Women - highly recommended before tying the knot.


The ceremony itself is therapeutic - not just for the people getting hitched, but for the witnesses, too.

When you've been close witness to and facilitator of couples working through their toughest challenges, and come out stronger for it, you learn a lot about what it takes to make long-term relationship work.


Commitment is a deep and beautiful path.

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I now have physical reminders, photographs, and an emotional reference from the ceremony to solidify this deepened, dedicated relationship with myself. That is forever! It was sacred and beautiful. Thank you, Amy. You are truly a master who has helped me see my own path.

Julia L.
Age 50

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Please call or email to schedule your free telephone consultation to find out if a HeartMind Ceremony is right for you.