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Marital Counseling
Marital Counseling

Through a structured program that I have designed, clients learn effective tools mastered from 16 years in private practice as well as ongoing, state-of-the-art post-graduate professional training.

The Pair Bond approach works from a toolkit created from the best of today’s relationship research - blending the smartest with the most heart-reaching.  These tools actually work; studies show a 70-92% success rate with evidence-based couples therapy.

What is the definition of “success” in couples therapy?  Satisfaction, fulfillment and renewal of sustainable, positive connection in committed partnerships - re-coupling, and mutually-respectful, cooperative de-coupling.

For couples, I systematically help you achieve your goals of:

  • Clarity on the truth of the relationship, what is possible, and what you need and want
  • Talking with your partner in a way that gets each of you heard and understood
  • Eliminating painful interactions
  • Skillful and quick repair of communication breakdowns
  • Avoiding disastrous interactions
  • Self-mastery of skills to handle anything that comes up moving forward
  • Increasing safety, warmth and closeness
  • Creating lasting and fulfilling connection
  • Enjoying a deep sense of peace

For individuals, I guide you on a journey to attain your goals of:

  • Clarity on the truth of your relationship path, and what you need and want
  • Inner strength and confident skills to communicate in any relational situation
  • Empowerment to stay true to yourself while connecting with others
  • Relationship Esteem that gives you solid ground to trust yourself on your dating or relationship journey
  • Self love that no one can shake from you

When I work with couples, I teach clear, simple steps to bring you and your partner into each other’s true presence, where connection happens.

Once you experience the difference between what you thought was connection and the real thing, you will feel how your habitual distractedness prevents deeper contact with your partner. You will be motivated to take the simple steps I teach.

In my HeartMind approach, I use research-backed assessments with couples that reveal exactly where the weak spots are that need to be addressed and fortified.  My clients then get trained to use proven tools to build mutually-satisfying vision, goals, and connection in their relationships.

If you work with me individually, you will be guided to your truth about your relationship path, and to a clearer and stronger connection with yourself. You will learn tools of conscious relating to apply on your journey.

The work is life-changing, giving a renewed, empowered perspective and a skill set for moving forward on your journey.

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We had an Imago Dialogue tonight.  We used our scripts, and kept it short.  Really, really great experience.  I had a major connection point about my trigger and its origins.  We are really eager to get more coaching.

Sarah L.
Age 42
Stamford, CT

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