Are you struggling in a relationship but can’t talk about it with your partner?

Are you tired of painful disappointments dating, wondering what’s going wrong?

Too many people are longing for a partner to love, but can’t seem to attract a healthy relationship.
Many singles have repeated disappointments from new relationships ending abruptly or never getting off the ground.

Hopelessness and cynicism can set when it comes to finding true and lasting love.

Why is your relationship life suffering?

Why do first dates not turn into second ones? Why do people suddenly disappear just when it was getting closer? Are you the only person who wants real love? Was it something you said?

How can you engage in conscious dating and ensure a healthy relationship next time?

Pause.  Take a step back.  With a trained eye, you can identify patterns and pitfalls of your dating and relationship process. You can connect the dots in and understand what’s been happening, with no blame – of yourself or others.

What do you need to do?  Gain knowledge of relationship dynamics, identify connections to childhood issues and pain, and learn new skills of responsible self-care and communication that will empower you to relate to partners in a more effective way.

In my work with individuals, we address the struggles with dating, mate selection, and patterns of repeated relationship frustrations.

My clients learn their relationship blueprint, the source of mysterious repetitions in frustrations with relationships.  It often involves the discovery or deeper understanding of childhood trauma and pain.

They receive training in specialized tools that offer healing self-connection and give them confidence to make powerful shifts in their current relationships, take action to make positive changes in their lives, and attract healthy partners.

Since 2001, Yaj has been helping couples and individuals in her private practice. Her approach gives clients real life skills for having healthy and gratifying relationships.

“When you increase your relationship consciousness, you attract
conscious relationships.”
- Yaj

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Amy challenged me in areas that I did not want to be challenged. As a result, I overcame a negative relationship that I was holding on to and gained a love for myself, for who I am, and an appreciation for things about me I have always struggled with. I have gained a new and lasting confidence.

Abigail S.
Age 30
Nyack, NY

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