Many women are awakening to their unwillingness to wait for a heart-gratifying life.

 There is a depth wisdom that reliably connects us humans to love, joy and peace.  Women have the potential to access this place in a way that answers many questions and solves many problems for women and men alike.  The world is literally dying for us to do this work and walk this path.

Sadly, most women are not in touch with our innate power, let alone the world’s need for us. 

Women need each other to share in the new leadership.  Men need our clear, clean, empowered leadership to call them into the greatness that lives inside of them.  They cannot do it without us.  Look what’s happened from their trying.  All you have to do is see what’s going on in the world to see that it’s not working with mostly men in charge.

Though we are starting to see more women in leadership positions, we have a very long way to go to not only get more women there, but to shift the nature of the whole paradigm.

It starts with one woman.  You.  Me.  It starts with each woman getting in touch with her true nature and her true work.  

As always, it starts with relationship.  Relationship with yourself, and with others.

I have designed a special program just for women.  I say it’s for women who are ready - or willing - to discover their true power.

This is a path for women who feel an ache, who hear a whisper that’s getting stronger.  It says, “There’s more than this.  I know it’s true, and I am no longer willing to live without it.  I want the full experience.”

Meet Your Goddess is a program of private counseling and coaching sessions that brings a woman solidly and unapologetically onto her path of healing, growth, self-love and no turning back.  It’s a wake-up call, an enlightening experience that changes things forever.

This program guides you to the path, helps you gain footing on it, leads you down a portion, and accompanies you as you transition to walk it on your own, forever opened to the real woman you are.

Warning:  this program causes increased awareness and self-love, which change things.  Relationships, work, family, home life, self-concept, all can seem different as a result of meeting your goddess.

The people in your life will say you’ve changed, and they may complain, wanting you to return to the old and familiar way you were, so they can feel comfortable.

Yaj teaches you to manage your own and others’ resistance to your change, and to weather the storm of transformation, allowing you to step into your new-found leadership in the very act of compassionate strength to help others open up.

This work leads to deeper, more genuine love, more open and honest communication, and closer, more intimate relationships.

It also brings clarity to questions you may have about current relationships and their capacity for depth of intimacy.

It’s not for the faint of heart or mind. I’ll help you get stronger so it becomes the new normal.

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I worked through the Meet Your Goddess Guidebook and had a major brain chemistry shift. I am now living in the present and fully embodied, doing the work I was meant to do.

Gloria G.
Age 50
Patterson, NJ

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