Something I often say to my clients is that their case is "textbook."  I immediately follow that with, "this is good news."  The worst thing to hear from a doctor is, "We don't know what this is.  We've never seen it before.  We're not quite sure what to do." 

As a relationship doctor, in almost every case (there are rare exceptions), I can confidently state to clients, "I know what this is.  I've seen it many, many times before.  I know exactly what to do."

Are you in a relationship that has fallen into a painful pattern of chronic tension and distance?

I work with couples and individuals ranging in age from their 30s to 60s. They are professionals in their field, business people, and entrepreneurs.

The couples I work with are busy in their work and home lives. They are stressed from trying to get it all in – work and business, family time, exercise, driving kids to activities, travel, house-holding. Time alone as a couple is rare and desperately needed. The pressure contributes to irritability, short fuses, and communication breakdowns.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You feel anxious about bringing up topics that are important to you with your partner.
  • You feel alone in your internal emotional world, and your partner has no idea what you’re going through.
  • You are often saddened by thoughts of how much better your relationship could be if only you talked to each other more.
  • ...If only your partner opened up to you.
  • ...If only you had some regular alone time together.
  • ...If only they could listen to you and hear you without reacting, getting defensive.
  • You try to talk to your partner about important things but it always ends up in a fight.
  • You hate going to bed angry and hurt.
  • You wish your partner knew how you felt.
  • You lose patience quickly with your kids and colleagues.
  • Your relationship stress is affecting your mood, health, sleep, patience and work performance.
  • You feel resentful toward your partner.
  • You miss affection, warmth, and touch.

Working with Yaj offers a clear path giving you insight, skills, and strength to create fulfillment in your relationship life.

Are you single, craving a relationship, but it keeps not working out?

The individuals I work with are usually women - either struggling in a relationship or single, longing for love, and frustrated by a trail of painful disappointments.

Women reach out because they are in transition or contemplating change in their lives. They are single moms, married with children, or never married, wondering if it’s ever going to happen for them.

  • You want a close and trusting relationship with someone, but that someone is not appearing in your life.
  • You tried computer dating, but it’s so draining to weed through the duds in hopes of a flower worth smelling.  You haven’t found that flower.
  • You are wary of your own relationship patterns, and resistant to take the plunge and risk repeating familiar pain.
  • You can’t seem to attract a healthy, available partner.
  • You are in a relationship, but with someone who wouldn’t read this website with you, have a calm, open talk about feelings, or make behavioral changes to help the relationship work better.
  • You truly want to learn and grow, but you don’t know where to start.
  • You still believe in love, but it’s getting painful to keep hoping.

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Yaj is a tour-guide to the soul, ably guiding you through the confusing maze and storms of your inner (and outer) life. Whatever pain or overwhelming strife you're facing, she will honor her commitments: to provide a judgment-free safe space amid the journey you're on, and the highest caliber of professional psychotherapeutic care. Her life's passion is the deep healing and growth of the human spirit. I only wish the world had more therapists so refined in their healing craft. I'll be forever glad I found her.

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