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There is a lot of good happening in our relationship coming from this approach. And, frankly, the Skype thing is a nice feature because of the convenience. No travel time for us. No childcare issues.

We are seeing lots of benefits from the tools you are sharing with us. Just two sessions and I can see a positive shift. We had a good dialogue the other day and it has made me realize I am doing things that don’t bring a peaceful solution existence. I am now in a zone where I see something and I know I need practice to break my habits.

You’ve been awesome teaching, coaching, modeling, listening, being objective and supportive.

Robin W.
Age 50
Boston, MA

We had an Imago Dialogue tonight.  We used our scripts, and kept it short.  Really, really great experience.  I had a major connection point about my trigger and its origins.  We are really eager to get more coaching.

Sarah L.
Age 42
Stamford, CT

My relationship with my husband is changing for the better.  We are learning to talk to each other without blaming or accusing.  It is possible to state our individual needs without expectations that the other person will be responsible for filling them.  As a process, we are relearning how to communicate, thanks to couples counseling.

Sharon B.
Age 45
Nyack, NY

Since the beginning of the program, it has changed me.  I think differently, I embrace that there’s a new way of looking at things.  I’ve discovered I have a voice and I can be heard.

Eric F.
Age 43
New City, NY

If ever there was an anti-therapy guy, that was me.  And now I’m so glad I did it.  It was a job at first, but it’s easier now.  There are 3 words I will never forget – manage your thoughts.  I do it all the time now.  I don’t remember the last time I exploded.

We get along a lot better now.  I feel better now.  To be able to move forward from that is great.  It really is a relief.

Bob H.
Age 48
Woodstock, NY

It’s amazing how someone who didn’t know us at all in the beginning can know us so well now and help 2 people communicate so much better in just 12 weeks.

It’s been life-changing for my husband.  It’s amazing how different he is now.  He doesn’t get bent out of shape anymore.  He just doesn’t go there like that anymore.  It makes it much more pleasant.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Judy H.
Age 49
Woodstock, NY

I am benefiting from this empowering work as I boost my confidence as a leader in my business. I have greater clarity on the values I’m trying to impart to my staff, and around boundaries. This includes my expectations of my team, what I want them to do, how I want them to work with me and me with them.

The work can be even more satisfying by being in touch with our leadership style. This is very empowering. When women have high incomes, they tend to dissociate from their money. They feel not worthy. Guilty. “I couldn’t possibly be that good.” We need to be grounded in our worth about money, and engage in the process of trying on and claiming our personal leadership cloak, and wear it with confidence.

Yaj is excellent at guiding me to do just that. I learn something in every session. I take notes and use what I learn in real time at work.

Beth G., Executive Coaching Client
Age 56
New York, NY

My partner called me and was complaining about work – ranting.  I didn’t want to take in the negative energy, but I wanted to be supportive.  The Anatomy of a Trigger tool that you had just given us was sitting on the table in front of me.  I used it to walk him through understanding what was bothering him and he felt so much better.  He was ready to go to work with a positive feeling, rather than getting off the phone upset and angry.

Valerie T.
Age 40
Ridgewood, NJ

Amy challenged me in areas that I did not want to be challenged.  As a result, I overcame a negative relationship that I was holding on to and gained a love for myself, for who I am, and an appreciation for things about me I have always struggled with.  I have gained a new and lasting confidence.

Abigail S.
Age 30
Nyack, NY

When I first came to couples counseling with my wife, I was very upset because things were so bad between us and that was killing me.  Now we’re like kids again.  We’re having fun again.  Sex again.  This is amazing.
I’ve learned more about myself in the last 12 weeks than I have in the 50 years of my life.

Dave D.
Age 50
Garrison, NY

Yaj is an incredible resource for people wishing to educate themselves, grow and move forward in a conscious way, both personally and in relationship to others – whether in business, friendship or intimate relationships.

I am a busy mom, entrepreneur and artist, and the flexibility of our phone sessions allowed me to receive the self-care I require and were just as effective for me as in-person sessions.

She offers not only practical solutions and clear steps for taking action, but will help guide you to know your own truth and inner guide.  Highly recommended!

Katie E.
Age 43
Valley Cottage, NY

I knew I had to be in love with myself before I could truly be intimate with another. It sounds so cliché, but there is nothing more true. Through working with Amy, deep intimacy wounds were revealed and I healed the separation of self I always felt had played out in my intimate relationships.

I decided to marry myself and let go of the “Prince Charming coming to save me” story I had carried for so long. Of course, Amy was the one I wanted to perform the ceremony! Her training in ritual and deep knowing of the path to self, combined with my desire for true relationship, co-created a turning point in my life.

I now have physical reminders, photographs, and an emotional reference from the ceremony to solidify this deepened, dedicated relationship with myself. That is forever! It was sacred and beautiful. Thank you, Amy. You are truly a master who has helped me see my own path.

Julia L.
Age 50

She is an experienced professional, but offers her wisdom in a way that makes you feel that you are just talking to your dear friend, as she holds space for you with strength, compassion, and without judgment.

Colleen M.
Age 47
Chestnut Ridge, NY

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These tools really work.  I’m so grateful.

Valerie T.
Age 40
Ridgewood, NJ

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